Welcome to Nourish With Nella Online Nutrition Coaching
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Welcome to Nourish with Nella Online Nutrition Coaching

Nourish with Nella is my 12 week online nutrition program which puts you in the driving seat. 

It would be really easy to provide you with a PDF pack with my recipes adjusted to a certain number of calories and to just tell you to eat nothing but those recipes, but there are several problems with this approach:-

  • Prescriptive recipes and plans don’t teach you how to adapt your everyday eating habits to achieve your goals.
  • There’s nothing to help you with mindset, motivation and habit forming.
  • You maybe a keen cook and like to cook your own meals that are very different to my recipes.
  • Perhaps you don’t like cooking and a plan that involves every meal being cooked from scratch maybe a step too far for you right now.
  • The recipes maybe different to how you normally like to eat.
  • You might not have some of the ingredients so you either don’t make the recipes or you spend extra on ingredients that you’re not likely to use again.
  • Prescriptive recipes don’t make allowances to food preferences.
The list goes on and on!

The trouble with plans that say ‘eat this and do that’ is that they provide you with nothing in the way of education (how else can you be a repeat customer paying for more of the same when you yo-yo again). More often than not these types of plans include rules to add an air of authority to them, such as only eat carbs after a workout.

Believe me when I say that a little knowledge can go a long way! Follow a plan that teaches you how to make small changes to how you already eat and live, and when you achieve your goals you’ll have everything that you need to make adjustments to maintain your results.


Having followed such plans myself in the past that require you to eat completely differently from the rest of your family adds extra cost to your weekly shopping, not to mention has you cooking different meals and of course it separates you from your family at mealtimes. Eating meals with your family is something we take for granted, and if you have young children you may find that it can make them question why you’re not all eating the same meal. When I started on my own weight loss/fat loss journey, it was really important that whatever ‘plan’ I followed allowed me to eat with my family.

This is how the next 12 weeks looks:-
  • You are going to be in the driving seat with nutrition education and advice from an MNU Certified Nutritionist (me).
  • I will teach you the basics of fat loss without the need for cutting out food groups, resorting to fads or diet foods.
  • Learn about the importance of how eating right makes you feel energised and more alert.
  • How to meal plan, shop effectively & prep your meals.
  • There are weekly bingo cards to help with motivation.
  • Learn how to calculate your calories and basic macros for fat loss and tracking methods.
  • How to control food intake without tracking.
  • Have all your diet myths busted, no more ‘trust the plan’ – get the knowledge to understand the plan!
  • Understand the benefits of the key macronutrients on your diet & general health.
  • Lifestyle – the importance of balance, measuring your journey and setting achievable goals.
  • Guidance on eating out, enjoying your weekend and still staying on track.
  • Sabotage – how to cope with diet saboteurs!
  • Access to talks that further help with motivation and mindset from experts in their field.
  • What supplements work and what you should be taking.
  • Methods for habit forming – identify your strengths and weaknesses and get tips on how to change.
  • Exclusive recipe cards from The Lean Cook, with calories & macro nutrient information (all recipes under 500 calories).
  • Progress feedback at the end of the program.

Start by making a commitment to yourself.

I can provide you with lots of of tips, tools and strategies to help you achieve your goals, but ultimately you have to be committed to put the work in.

Your first steps to making a change, get started

Start by completing the Start Form where you submit your start weight, measurements and pictures. Follow the link below to get started. The article that accompanies the form has all the details that you need to provide.

Once this is received you will begin to receive each weeks content by email with a reminder of your password.

You are not required to weight yourself every week and I would urge you to only weigh yourself when you are prompted during the 12 weeks. I can’t stop you from weighing yourself, but a reduction in your scale weight isn’t necessarily an indicator of fat loss.

Below is a link to a testimonial from a client who lost very little weight during her program, but the changes to her body composition were clear to see.

Enjoy the next 12 weeks and give it your best!