Meet Carol – Nourish With Nella Online Fat Loss Coaching (March & May Intakes)
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Meet Carol – Nourish With Nella Online Fat Loss Coaching (March & May Intakes)

Carol*, a retired healthcare professional joined the March intake of my online coaching program with a view to reducing her body fat.  

From her initial contact form she was clear about the number of pounds she hoped to lose, but having worked with ladies who were slim but wanted help with fat loss, I wanted to manage her expectations from the beginning and explained that from experience she would most likely see changes to her body composition, measurements and pictures but not necessarily her weight.

Carol has successfully completed the March and May intakes of Nourish with Nella and is delighted with her results!  She proved me wrong and lost exactly what she was hoping to lose .

The smile beaming from her face during our last 1:1 video chat, it was clear to see how happy she was with her results!

Carol says:-

I joined the group at the start of lockdown (March 2020) and found the regular contact hugely beneficial. As someone who perhaps some would say was relatively lean (well, normal BMI) to begin with, my shape initially changed without any scale movement.

Nella helped me with my issues over tracking and somehow with the second group (May intake) by tracking my snacks religiously (or honestly), I seemed to crack my hang ups…….. And bingo not only did I get more definition but the scales moved down too. The recipe cards were all tried out and the TED talks were all food for thought.

If you are doubtful if an online nutritionist can help, I would say wholeheartedly yes. And those comparison pictures really bring the message home.

*name changed

Carol was part on Nourish with Nella, my online coaching program. Use the button below to see what my 10 week program includes.