Gavin was a 1:1 client who wanted to make changes following his diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes. Use the button below to express an interest in starting your own journey.

Gavin* first came to me because he had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with the condition and taking prescription medication.  With a young family improving his health was a priority for him.
When he consulted with his GP to find out his best course of action, his GP recommended that he worked with a nutritionist to help him achieve fat loss and to help him with dietary changes.  Unfortunately Gavin was unable to take regular exercise due to an existing spinal injury and this meant that his ability to exercise was limited to only walking.
With his next check-up booked his first milestone goal was set and he was determined to show his GP that he could  make the changes he needed to improve his health profile.

Gavin says:-
“I got my blood test back and my doctor was very pleased with the blood results. She wants me to stay on medication for 3 more months at least.   She says the changes I have made have greatly contributed to the results and I have taken a lot of stress off my kidneys and heart.
I have lost weight but more importantly 2 belt notches and I am wearing shirts that before I would burst buttons open and now they feel roomy.  This is progress and a long term change that I will keep following as much as possible.  Thanks for steering me down the right path.  
Much appreciated.”

*name changed