Deborah was a 1:1 client who wanted a personalised plan to help her to make changes to her busy lifestyle. Use the button below to express an interest in starting your own journey.

Deborah* first came to me with a goal to lose body fat, to feel less bloated, have a flatter tummy and to feel more comfortable and confident in her clothes.  I looked at a suitable nutrition strategy that would help her reach her goal that would fit into her busy lifestyle.

Deborah says:-
When I initially contacted Nella, I was unhappy about the way I looked. I felt fat and frumpy and my mindset ranged from acceptance in feeling this way and in contrast, a now or never panic to take action.
Nella advised me to keep a food diary, detailing everything the I ate and drank each day. We had an online consultation at a mutually convenient time. This allowed Nella to  analyse my lifestyle and food choices. Nella set me a daily calorie target, this was a challenge as I had never counted calories before or used a food tracker. 
Although I was ashamed of my initial start photograph, it was a fantastic motivational tool. At each check-in point, I would dread the progress photographs and I really did have to force myself to do them. However, the changes over time are a wonderful confidence boost. I was delighted once my body started to change shape.
Nella has an individualistic approach to nutrition, she is extremely supportive and most importantly, non-judgemental. I have no hesitation  in recommending her to anybody requiring nutritional advice.
Thank you Nella! 

*name changed