Katrina was a 1:1 client who wanted a personalised plan to help her reach her goals while remaining active. Use the button below to express an interest in starting your own journey.

Katrina* first came to me with a goal to lose body fat and feel confident in herself.  Already quite active, I looked at a suitable nutrition strategy that would help her reach her goal as well as compliment her active lifestyle.

Katrina says:-
I contacted Nella as I’ve been on lots of eating plans/ diets before and although I’ve had some success with weight loss I’ve not managed to sustain it and inevitably I end up back where I started or even further back to a heavier weight.
I was frustrated with myself and restarting every few months and I set myself a goal of being able to choose an outfit at Christmas that I felt really happy in and not chosen because it covered me up. 
I liked Nella’s approach to nutrition and eating, sensible and tasty choices but focusing on real food and not substitutes like protein bars which taste nothing like real chocolate! Nella’s been really responsive with her communication.
In our initial discussion Nella was able to find out more about my lifestyle and came up with a realistic calorie target for me. We’ve then continued to tweak it together depending on how well it was going or when I was finding it more challenging.
Nella’s approach is very open and flexible which has lead to an individualised plan for me which she’s still happy to discuss and adapt.
There’s no set plan or hard and fast rules to follow which has really helped me reflect on what works for me and incorporate her suggestions into my life. And she’s had lots of words of encouragement along the way too which is great when your focus is slipping!
I’m seeing results, not only in weight loss, but also in my body shape, knowledge about nutrition and strategies to make this a sustainable change for me.
Thank you Nella!

*name changed