Amanda was a 1:1 client who needed a personalised plan to adapt while she recovered from back problems. Use the button below to express an interest in starting your own journey.

Amanda* first came to me with a goal to lose body fat and to get leaner. Her progress has been steady and even though she’s had some set backs due to her back problems, she’s been able to adapt her plan while she isn’t as active as she would like to be.

Amanda says:-
I became aware of Nella whilst on The Body Coach Plan.  I followed her posts and recipes and soon downloaded The Lean Cook App to get more recipes.  Unfortunately I didn’t finish the Plan as a bad back prevented me from completing the HIIT workouts.
When Nella was looking for people to work with I jumped at the chance. I was looking for more individual advice on nutrition based on my personal circumstances. I was not disappointed.
Following on from a chat with Nella, where she gained knowledge of my lifestyle and what I wanted to achieve, she provided a detailed nutrition plan for me to follow to reach my goals. She also recommended some vitamins to aid my lifestyle change.
The nutrition plan provided was straightforward and easy to follow.  It also allowed for treats at weekends which I find so difficult to avoid.  Initially the plan was easy to follow. Planning meals was easy as there were no macro requirements to meet.
I started to see changes in my body and I was pleased with my progress. Unfortunately, due to the return of my back issues I have been unable to exercise for the last month.  This has effected my mood considerably and subsequently my eating.  I am not where I want to be but Nella has provided the information to get there.  I have had regular check-ins and she has been there to advise and support throughout. This has been invaluable.
My back is healing and I’m now ready to continue my journey using Nella’s nutritional guidance.

*name changed