Chris is my husband and I’ve been helping him move on to a sports performance plan following his weight loss. Use the button below to express an interest in starting your own journey.

As well as helping Chris with his weight loss, more recently I’ve been helping him with performance nutrition to support his running pursuits.
In a short time he’s gone from struggling to run 5K to regularly competing in half marathon events.  He regularly provides me with his training plan and competition schedule so that I can provide him with strategies to enable him to properly fuel and hydrate for his training runs and races.  It’s also really important to take care of the recovery process so we work on post race recovery nutrition too.
A few years ago Chris was diagnosed with a condition that affected his joints and it was recommended that he changed his diet to help ease his symptoms.  While initially it meant making changes to how we ate as a couple (less processed foods, more whole foods, less additives) it lead to him being symptom free and discharged from needing further treatment.

Chris says:-
Since starting my journey in 2016 I have lost nearly 50 lbs in weight whilst getting stronger and fitter.  I have had Nella by my side for the entire journey to support me with her delicious and healthy foods.  The changes she made have helped eliminate certain processed foods from my diet which has lead to me being able to come off the strong medication prescribed by the hospital.  
As a man in my late 30’s a life with prescription medication wasn’t something I wanted.  Not only did I lose weight, it also helped me to becoming more active.  I was finally able to exercise regularly and get serious with my running and swimming.
When Nella started her nutritional training she was immediately able to start guiding me to remove all the guess work out from performance nutrition and supplementation.
With her guidance I now know how to fuel myself correctly for different length events, use the best supplementation to reduce muscle fatigue and improve performance.  And when I want to lose a few kg’s when I’m not on the run-up to a race, she helps me use the the best methods to do this without affecting my ability to train and perform at the levels I am aiming for.